Self Drive Own Car or Rental Car?

Is it better to rent a car vs take my own?
There are many factors you should determine when asking this question before going on a road trip, but the main points boil down to these three:

  1. Are you on a budget?
  2. Is your car older than 5 years old?
  3. Do you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule regularly?
  4. Do you know how to handle road situations such as changing flat tires, minor maintenance, accident scenarios, etc.?

If you answer yes to all the questions above, you can probably consider driving your own car. Driving your own car is definitely the cheapest way to travel. You will just need to prepare proper equipment such as a road kit and gas money. You probably don’t have to worry too much about decreasing the car’s resell value by adding more mileage if it is more than 5 years old.  Most cars manufactured within the last ten years have good build quality. As long as you are not traveling to places with extreme weather or road conditions and you  follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, you shouldn’t have to worry about mechanical problems on your trip. And if you are an experienced, optimistic driver and is confident you can handle road situations, then there really isn’t much to worry about.  Why add optimistic? Because it will definitely help on a road trip where anything and everything can happen!


If you are willing to spend more for hassle free travel, you should consider renting a car. You can think of the rental fee as replacement from your regular maintenance if you were to drive your own car plus a little more.  In exchange, you get to indulge yourself in an almost brand new car of your choice.  Since most rental cars are usually less than 2 years old, you definitely don’t have to worry about mechanical problems. And should you experience any difficulties, all the help you can get is just a phone call away. Even should you get into accidents, your insurance will have you covered (more information on rental insurance here). So renting a car is definitely a hassle free way to travel if you don’t mind paying more for the service.

Finding a reputable Self-Drive Car Rental in Glasgow

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A self drive Trip to Africa Including Uganda /Rwanda on a Road Trip Adventure

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